Access control system with body temperature screening

The integrated temperature scanner uses a thermal imaging camera to scan body temperature entirely automatically. Measurement of body temperature requires no physical contact and assists in determining acute fever. As soon as a value above the limit is detected, the gate will not open and a message detailing the next steps will appear on the display. An alarm can be integrated as an option.

Technical Details

Flexible reader devices = reliable identification
• LED chase lights on both sides signal the direction
of movement
• 53 sensors detect persons and objects
• Programmable acoustic and visual signal
• Standard panic and fire alarm opening


Non-contact body temperature screening


High measurement accuracy +- 0.5°C

Protect sensitive areas

Sensitive company areas can be protected beginning at the entrance. The entrance system checks whether hands have been sanitized, without the need to assign an employee for monitoring.
The gate then opens for entrance or exit – depending on customer requirements. A variety of models are available, depending on security requirements and the space available.

The gate can also be fitted with a sanitizer dispenser. The dispenser can be integrated in the
controls of the system, allowing the gate to open only after the sanitizer has been used.


Adjustable upper limit for permitted temperature


Access is granted only after the sanitiser dispenser has been used

The access control system protects sensitive areas while creating secure access for employees. The number of persons in the building, the approval of access authorizations, and digital time recording can be controlled via a central dashboard.